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Hi, this is Robert Proctor, President of MultiSoft Corporation. If you’re currently a client of MultiSoft, you’re going to really get excited about this announcement that we have for you today.

If you are looking to start a network marketing company and are in need of MLM software, which is the backbone of your company, or if you’re considering changing MLM software companies, this may help you make your decision. Do you have a blog for your company? If you do, is it integrated with you MLM software? Does it provide replicated distributor branded blogs for your company? Are you currently blogging? If not, you’re not marketing sufficiently to stay at the top.

To hear about an all new benefit of the MarketPowerPRO MLM software for your company, stay tuned, we’ve got a great announcement for you.

I’m pleased to inform you today that MarketPowerPRO MLM software for MultiSoft Corporation is now fully integrated with the world’s number one blogging engine, WordPress.

If you’re not marketing with blogs, if you’re not leading with value in blogs, if you’re not providing video marketing in blogs, you’re not marketing. Each of your distributors with MarketPowerPRO has a replicated distributor website of your company website. Here I am on a replicated website, admin.acmemlm.com, and you can see that the normal menu from MarketPowerPRO, it’s deployed on each of our client’s websites that they can completely update themselves, now has a menu item for blog.

If I click on this blog, watch what happens. It’s going to come over here to a fully functional WordPress system and at the same time we passed into the WordPress system that we have at blog.acmemlm.com. We passed in the replicated URL, the web-plated address, of admin. Now over here on the blog it has your distributor’s first name, your distributor’s last name, your distributor’s ID, and there’s also a whole bunch of things that you can put in such as their address, their phone, their email, their fax, their city, their state, their province, their country.

Here I am on a replicated blog with the distributor’s information showing and as I start navigating into the blog and going to different areas of the blog you’ll see that the replicated distributor information carries through. Here, it’s also carrying through the replicated webpages. If I went to products, an introduction from the blog, that’s powered by WordPress, is going to take me back to the MarketPowerPRO MLM software and it’s also going to take me back to the replicated distributor website of admin.acmemlm.com. Again, I can pop right back to the blog. If I click the logo, it’s going to take me right back to the company website.

If you want to find this plugin for WordPress, simply go to the WordPress community, it’s WordPress.org and search for MarketPowerPRO. You’re going to see a listing right here for MarketPowerPRO WP WordPress Plugins, you click that and you can download it here or simply in your blog, in your WordPress blog, you can search for plugins, MarketPowerPRO, or MultiSoft and you’ll find the WordPress plugin.

You can install it right into your WordPress blog and there’s a tutorial in a video if you go to MultiSoftTube.com., that’s www.MultiSoftTube.com. We even have a video that will show you, your IT team, how to install the plugin into your WordPress blog and integrate it with your replicated distributor website.

Again, you’ve got the ability now to market your company with the world’s most powerful blogging system, WordPress. This also now will give your distributors two replicated websites. They’ll have their normal corporate website where you have all of your information and over on the blog, and you can actually set up the menu’s that you want. You can just have blog menus, you don’t even have to link back to the main menus, but now you can provide the value about your products, the value about your services. You can provide video blogging, all through your WordPress blog that is completely integrated with your MarketPowerPRO MLM software system.

We are really excited to introduce this to you. If you have any questions on integrating and implementing your blog, please contact your MultiSoft account executive or contact one of your MultiSoft customer support members. If you need assistance, we can provide you with assistance on setting up your blog on our WordPress servers, implementing your blog into your website.

You’ll notice here also, that this design is carrying forward. If you would like us to match your website to your WordPress blog we can certainly do that for you, just contact again your MultiSoft account executive or one of MultiSoft customer support reps.

I hope we provided value for you today. If you got value from this, share this with your partners, share this with your owners, let your lead distributors know about this, and get to marketing using blogging and the number one blog engine, WordPress. Thank you and have a great day.

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