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MultiSoft Corporation is a group of dedicated professionals focused on providing superlative MLM Software products and services to the MLM, Multilevel Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing, network marketing and direct sales industries. In operation since 1987, we thrive on setting the standard by which other network marketing vendors measure their success. From incubation consulting through online real-time enterprise software solutions, MultiSoft Corporation is a trusted name in the network marketing and direct sales arenas. Robert Proctor has been involved in the Network Marketing and MLM Software Industry since 1989 and currently serves as President of MultiSoft Corporation. Robert Proctor attributes his success to ” working with” and “helping others” succeed by being more concerned about their welfare than that of his own; what goes around comes around is his mantra and it has served him well. Over the past quarter century, Robert Proctor has frequently been called upon, often times at the very last minute, to assist with the launch of new companies and help rescue faltering companies by helping bring them back to profitability. Robert and his team of seasoned professionals often perform complete “face lifts” on the image and missions of companies, enabling them to positively stand out in the highly competitive network marketing industry. Continuing on this tradition of excellence, Robert provides consulting and support services to existing and start-up companies in the areas of: business forms, graphics and illustration, legal issues, referrals, company “roll out”, “pre-launch”, “fast start programs”, compensation plan development, national and international expansion, distributor training and much more.


Thanks for joining. I want to show you some new features and benefits that we put into the MarketPowerPRO system, specifically your merchant account provider, your payment gateway, possibly your corporate attorney, is going to be looking for certain things in the distributor sign-up and in the customer purchase process and in the shopping cart purchase process that up until recently, we really haven’t had to have. Up until now it was sufficient that when a distributor rolled or a customer made a purchase, to have policies and procedures, terms and conditions, maybe a privacy policy or spam policy.

These days, your merchant account provider, your attorney, and I mentioned earlier, FTC government agencies are looking for the information that you’re collecting and that your customers and distributors are agreeing to when they’re joining your company, buying your products or services. In our distributor registration settings as well as our customer registration settings, we’ve added a lot more tabs that you can enable or not enable during distributor registration and customer registration.

We have the standard terms and conditions, and we have our content editor down her that you’re able to edit all the content in. We’ve had our policies and procedures. A couple of the attorneys that we do work with like to have an electronic consent form that incorporates the terms and conditions, the policies and procedures. Some new things that we’ve put in specifically that merchant account providers are looking for is you refund policy, and again this is in our content editor here. You’ll also notice that you can show the refund policy and a lot of these other policies and agreements during the check-out process, as well as during the enrollment.

If it’s a customer, obviously you’re just going to normally do it during the check-out process. We’ve also added a cancellation policy. This cancellation will cover your auto-ship, as well as cancelling as a distributor within the company. We’ve also added the shipping policy into distributor and customer registrations. We’ve also added an auto-ship policy. This is something a lot of the merchant account providers are looking to see that when your customers or your distributors are joining, the software is showing what the initial purchase amount is, and what the monthly recurring or the quarterly recurring or annual recurring amount is going to be.

When a customer is buying products on a month-by-month basis, they now have an auto-ship agreement that they can check to agree to. The other thing we’ve added going back years ago to the Amway 70% rule that was added in the ’70s, is basically an agreement between you and your distributors that at least 70% of all of the products that they’re purchasing are for resale and/or personal consumption. It’s not just being garage inventory. Again, we’ve got the terms and conditions, policies and procedures, electronic consent policy, the refund policy, the cancellation policy, the shipping policy, the auto-ship policy, and the retail policy.

You’ll notice that I found this underneath my company registration settings, we have user registrations, just more or less for your administrators, customer registration settings, distributor registration settings, and I won’t go into these two, but do have service provider registration settings and vendor registration settings. I’m going to show you how the customer service registrations work in the check-out phase of the MarketPowerPRO system. Let me go ahead and jump over to the shopping cart here. Just a moment.

Actually, I clicked on sign in. Let me go ahead and click on cart. I don’t have anything in my shopping cart, I’m going to click on continue shopping. Im going to come down and add a product into my shopping cart. I’m going to go to my cart. I’m going to scroll down and proceed to checkout. If you’re not a client of MarketPowerPRO and Multisoft one of the nice features that we have, in addition to being able to log in with your current account credentials, or create an account, we also have something similar to what you see some of the big box companies have, big box online companies, is a guest check-out that doesn’t require your visitor or your new customer to create a username and a password or an account, although it will on the back end.

Down here underneath the order review we have the cancellation policy that they can click, that’s going to pop up your policy. We have the refund policy, and again this is all editable by you from the company registration settings. We have the terms and conditions, as well as we have the shipping policy. If you got value today for what we’ve just shown you, underneath the registration settings, go ahead and share it with your business partners, with your distributors, with your customer service/customer support department.

if you have any questions on how to implement the tabs and the check-out processes or enrollment processes for your customers or your distributors, give the Multisoft customer support department a call or contact your account executive. Please note, the policies and procedures, and terms and conditions and all of the information that we have in there, have not been reviewed by any of our corporate attorneys. You might want to have your corporate attorney or your MLM attorney review those policies and procedures. Again, if you got value with this, please share it with others in your market. Thank you.

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