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Your MarketPowerPRO Reporting system is equipped with comprehensive reporting tools. Ranging from accounting and distributor management reports to reports that will help you analyse your search engine rankings to improve recruitment. The MarketPowerPRO Reporting System includes Statistical reports to help you direct your marketing efforts. And of course the all important genealogy reports.

A range of Accounting reports to help you keep track of sales volumes, profit & loss reports, and reports to help you manage your taxation obligations.

MultiSoft Corporation is a group of dedicated professionals focused on providing superlative MLM Software products and services to the MLM, Multilevel Marketing, Multi-Level Marketing, network marketing and direct sales industries.

In operation since 1987, we thrive on setting the standard by which other network marketing vendors measure their success. From incubation consulting through online real-time enterprise software solutions, MultiSoft Corporation is a trusted name in the network marketing and direct sales arenas.

Robert Proctor has been involved in the Network Marketing and MLM Software Industry for nearly 15 years and currently serves as President and CEO of MultiSoft Corporation. Robert Proctor attributes his success to ” working with” and “helping others” succeed by being more concerned about their welfare than that of his own; what goes around comes around is his mantra and it has served him well.

Over the past quarter century, Robert has frequently been called upon, often times at the very last minute, to assist with the launch of new companies and help rescue faltering companies by helping bring them back to profitability.

Robert and his team of seasoned professionals often perform complete “face lifts” on the image and missions of companies, enabling them to positively stand out in the highly competitive network marketing industry.

Continuing on this tradition of excellence, Robert provides consulting and support services to existing and start-up companies in the areas of: business forms, graphics and illustration, legal issues, referrals, company “roll out”, “pre-launch”, “fast start programs”, compensation plan development, national and international expansion, distributor training and much more.